Wanderings and Maunderings

Not all those who maunder are lost

1 April
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In 1993, George graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in economics and went to work at Microsoft. In 2003, he decided software testing wasn't fun anymore and quit. It was only then that he discovered that somewhere during those ten years, he'd acquired a wife and son. He spent two and a half years at home with his family or out in the world making pictures, but the call of college tuition for the aforementioned son finally won out, and he returned to the IT world in 2005, th "The Technical Committee", an organization set up by the US Department of Justice to monitor Microsoft's compliance with the terms of the 2002 antitrust settlement. If "delicious irony" were a term that George could ever contemplate using, he would use it to describe how he felt about this job, which ended when the settlement expired in May of 2011. Time for another summer of family and photography.

George lives in Seabeck, Washington, in a house that took twelve years to plan and build, but which is practically perfect in every way. He does most of his photography in the West. He's an avid hiker and amateur naturalist and is overly fond of referring to himself in the third person.

Friends policy: Due to the overwhelming number of requests (one so far and counting), it seems politic to make a blanket statement regarding the addition of George's blog to your Friends list. If you want to, go right ahead. It is not necessary to ask permission; George can always use more friends. Cogent commentary on George's posts is also welcome, even on his posts that are not themselves very cogent.
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