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What. A. Day. - Wanderings and Maunderings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What. A. Day. [Jun. 6th, 2012|05:59 pm]
M. was at school all day, so the original plan was I'd stay home and "work"--Wayne Roseberry has a test-planning book I promised to review, and Mobilligy has an iPhone app I promised I'd play around with and provide feedback. Seemed like an awesome opportunity to multitask.

But. M. is putting together some lovely parting gifts for some of the retiring school board members, and the frames we bought came with "protective" plastic corners that ripped the finish off the frames when we tried to remove them, so somebody had to return them and find a replacement solution. Also, we had some work done on the car yesterday, and we discovered this morning (when M. tried to drive teh_boy to school) that only my key was working (we found the problem yesterday, but we thought they'd fixed it, and since I drove the car home from the dealership, we didn't discover the problem was still extant until they were already late leaving the house this morning). So I added "revisit the dealership" to my list of tasks.

Got the frames returned, got the new frames in process, went to the dealership, couldn't find the frakking key. I'd had it when I left home, I'd had it at school when I traded cars with M., but I didn't have it anymore. Tore the car apart with the service advisor, still didn't find it. Told the service advisor I'd be back when I found it, set off to retrace my path. Searched the parking lot at the first frame store, nothing. Asked inside about lost-and-found, got nothing. Went back out to the car, took the huge wad of receipts from my earlier errands out of my shirt pocket, checked my wallet (which I usually keep in the aforementioned shirt pocket because if I sit on it, it throws my spine out of alignment and leaves me extra-susceptible to back sprains), and underneath the wallet was the damn key. Drove back to the dealership, admitted to the service advisor that I'd had the key all along, and waited for them to reprogram the car to accept the key. Went to Lowe's to pick up some irrigation supplies that I've been putting off acquiring for too long, got a call from the second framing store--the mats were ready to be picked up. (Already? Wow. Guess we shoulda went with them in the first place, but the big chain stores are nominally cheaper.) Picked up the mats and took them and the car back up to school to deliver them to M. (The students are all going to sign the mats for the departing board members, and then we'll frame them up with a nice picture of all the kids in front of one of the school buildings.) Could have, at that point, gone home and tried to get an hour's test planning and testing in, but I was going to have to come back in a couple hours to pick up teh_boy after school so M. could get to all her meetings (for an unpaid position, they do keep her awfully busy) anyway, so I asked if there were any other errands I could run in town instead. There were, so I wandered off, had some lunch, did the other errands, and made it back to school with only a few minutes to spare before dismissal. Took teh_boy home.

And that, Wayne and Steve, is why I didn't make any progress on your projects today. :) Tomorrow M. and I are going to Seattle to pick up supplies for teh_boy's final (probably) birthday party this year which is on Saturday, but Friday is looking pretty good.

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